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Astronomy Camp Stay at School


Take a dive from the theoretical astronomy from the classrooms to the observational astronomy through our Astronomy Camp,stay at school and Experience the thrill of launching your own rocket with the help of our astronomy expert and of course science.

The Astronomy Programme consists of discerning the stars , constellations and even the zodiac . Activities include making Planisphere & Sky Chart. Our intent is to inspire future scientists and engineers to learn about space.

Astronomy Camp Stay at School

Introduction to Telescope, Rocketry making & Launching Experience Night Sky Observation stimulates excitement through exploration, discovery and using natural curiosity. The camp provides a fun learning adventure, expanding the students’ idea of school , class room and learning. The experience and the knowledge acquired from the Astronomy Camp can be transcended to the lessons taught in school.

Day Session

  • After the fun overnight stay at school , students will proceed for the Water Straw Rocket Making & Launching
  • This is an hand-on experience of rocketry making, wherein the students will be introduced with term Rocket. Also as a vehicle to travel in space
  • Students may learn about different parts of rockets like propellant, nozzle, rocket engines, gyroscopes, wings and more After the familiarization session students will proceed for hands on rocketry making and launching using soda straw
  • After an opportunity to unleash their full potential through team building activities . The winners will be awarded gifts or trophies.

Evening & Night Session

  • The evening session starts with a welcome drink and snacks
  • Then priming for the camp. The first activity is the Moon and Planet observation. The students will learn about the moon and planets
  • The students will experience what Galileo saw 400 years ago by observing the moon and the planets in the night sky through the telescope
  • Viewing through the telescope would enable the see the craters on Moon
  • The students will be shown the features of gas giants, phases of planets
  • A campfire and music and dance session would be a contrast from the normal school routine
  • After rejuvenating from a scrumptious meal we will proceed for the night session
  • The night sky observation the students will take in the beauty of the dark skies, locate major constellations in the night sky, Locate zenith, nadir, cardinal directions, ecliptic, zodiac etc.
  • View planets, moon and DSO in the nigh

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