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Astro Adventure Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal translated to “The Gift of the Forest” referred to as the “Princess of Hill stations”

The location of Kodaikanal at just one degree north of the Earth’s magnetic equator is useful for observing interesting phenomena in the ionosphere—the radio mirror in the sky—such as the equatorial electrojet are unique to Kodaikanal. Its distinct history with American missionaries has made it the chocolate factory of India

Astro Adventure Kodaikanal


Astronomy camp

  • The Astronomy Programme consists of the Star trail photography Making Planisphere & Sky Chart
  • Our intent is to inspire future scientists and engineers to learn about space
  • Introduction to Telescope, Rocketry making & Launching Experience
  • Night Sky Observation stimulates excitement through exploration, discovery and using natural curiosity
  • The camp provides a fun learning adventure, expanding the students’ idea of school, classroom and learning
  • Astronomy Program is a precursor to our visit to Kodaikanal Observatory
  • The experience and the knowledge acquired from the Astronomy Camp can be transcended during the Astronomy museum visit
  • The studies conducted and the rich legacy of a fruitful era in Indian astronomy in recent times can be explored at the Observatory.


Adventure camp

  • Various Adventure Activities and Survival Training & First Aid Training like Leave No Trace sessions, Rope courses & obstacles courses, Communication & Leadership clusters through team building & fun games
  • The outdoor experience creates personal responsibility and builds character, where children can develop responsibility, critical thinking skills
  • know how to communicate with confidence, independence, teamwork and initiative that would make students world ready


After the adventure, the time for leisure partaken through the visits to Shenbagnur Museum, one of the best orchidoriums in the country with more than 300 species of orchids and wide-ranging collection of Birds. Some of the relics and artefacts of the first human habitation in these regions were by the Palayar (primitive)tribal people during the rule of the Chera Dynasty are still preserved in the museum. And Briant Park noted for varieties of flowers in a glasshouse, where the horticultural show is held.



  • The core of our programme is for the children to develop their “Non-Cognitive Skills” of Character Building along with fun immersive experience for the students that can’t be replicated in the classroom
  • Under strong adult leadership and supervision, the programme places the students in a friendly, safe environment where they become more independent, develop stronger friendships, learn to collaborate with others, create Mettle
  • Develop children into future leaders

Interestingly, there is a phenomenon called Bachem Spectre which Coaker’s walk is known for. Some lucky ones can witness their shadow in the clouds with a halo of the rainbow. Sounds impossible? Nope. This can occur if the sun is at your back and the clouds and mist is in your front. If the weather gods are pleased with you, you might just witness the Bachem Spectre for yourself.

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Kids will encounter and learn about the largest land
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among the most intelligent of the creatures with whom
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