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01. AERO Inspire

AERO inspire is the activity of making working aircraft models on your own. Making different kinds of paper planes well as making Hang gliders and Flying them. The workshop is to inspire pupils to the field of aviation.

  • Building and flying paper planes.
  • Science behind the folding of paper planes and different techniques in flying them.
  • History of papers and what kind of papers to be used to make a paper plane.
  • Building a Hang Glider from scratch and Flying.
  • Different kinds of careers in Aerospace and Aviation.

02. AERO Xplore

AERO Xplore is the activity of making working aircraft models on your own. Doing the projects on your own gives you a sense of achievement and excitement while improving your engineering skills.

  • Theory of Flight(Parts of an aircraft, 4 forces acting on an aeroplane.
  • Bernoulli’s principle, Newton’s third law of motion, Potential & Kinetic energy etc.
  • Hands-on experience on Building a Catapult Glider from scratch and Fly them.
  • Knowledge about Design, Physics and Materials used to build a Glider.
  • Different kinds of careers in Aerospace and Aviation.

03. AERO Build

AERO build is the activity of making a huge working aircraft models in a group. Students are responsible for making different parts of the aircraft. And enjoy the bringing different parts together to make a big aircraft

  • How generations of Aircraft helped the Future planes.
  • Knowledge about different parts of planes, design, structure.
  • Build everything from scratch.
  • Inspiration about building something big.
  • Dismantling the same structure what they build.
  • Taking home an experience of building a big plane, Photo with the plane they build and a certificate.

04. AERO Tour

AERO Tour is the experience to see the original as well as the real life models of Aircraft which helps in understanding the signifance of the science taught in school has its real life applications.

  • Pride of visiting India’s biggest Aircraft museum.
  • Learn about different kinds of Fighter planes and Helicopters by seeing it live and feeling its touch.
  • Knowledge about different Aircraft engine models, Flight simulators, a mock Air Traffic Control Tower and exhibits of Indian aviation history.
  • Inculcate curiosity to learn more about the planes.

05. Mr. Hacker

An ode to the love of cooking and food. Something on the stove for everyone!. Students experiment and innovate with their cooking skills, so that they get a hands-on learning experience and develop their own cooking style.

  • Introduction to Coding and Algorithm.
  • Introduce students to basics of Computer Science and Programming.
  • Coding Level 2.0 Upgrade Computer Science and Programming Skills.
  • Learn Advanced Python, Pencil Code.

06. Junior Mechanical Engineer

Activities which help students to learn the basics of Engineering , Design and Mechanics. The module is created to engage students to learn the fundamentals of engineering through hands-on activities. These activities create a better understanding of basic engineering principles.

  • Self-Propelled Car & Newton’s Laws of Motion.
  • Robocars & Mechanical Components of a Car.
  • Conveyor Belt & Concept of Friction and Work.
  • Levers and Mechanical Advantage Hands.
  • Pulleys and Mechanical Advantage Hands.
  • Hydraulic Arm & Fluid Pressure.

07. I’m Edison’s Boss

The versatility of the Edison robot makes it a brilliant tool for teaching a wide range of STEM subjects including computer science, coding, electronics and engineering. Edison bots help to simplify the learning process of robotics.

  • Ed Tank
  • Ed Digger
  • Ed Robo Claw
  • Ed Crane
  • Ed Printer

08. The Electronics & Robotics Guru

Explore electronics and its uses in day to day life. Learn how to use electronics and electronics components. Learn about the basic components of a robot and getting exposure to current AI scenario.

  • Electronics for Fun (Transistor Based Circuit).
  • 3 in 1 Robot: Build & Learn about a simple robot and its components.
  • Line Follower Robot: Understand the mechanics of a robot and build a sensor automated vehicle.
  • Burglar Alarm.

09. The Village Experience

Experience the life in a typical village in Karnataka in all its rustic charm & natural splendour. A kaleidoscope of Karnataka’s vibrant colours, rich diversity and talents and are envisioned as a perennial, year-round festival.

  • Aale mane, Beeso Kallu.
  • Kai magga, Chennapatna toys.
  • Pottery, Bamboo Art.
  • Folk Dance and Music.
  • Rain dance & artificial waterfalls.
  • Adventure sports (Multivine, Loop walk, log walk, X walk, Commando walk, Horizontal ladder, Triangle walk, Tyre Walk,Vertical Climb)

10. Cooking Studio

An ode to the love of cooking and food. Something on the stove for everyone! Students experiment and innovate with their cooking skills, so that they get a hands-on learning experience and develop their own cooking style.

  • Pizza with rustic marinara sauce: There will be Demo on making the Pizza dough.
  • Kids will assist in rolling out individual portions and assembling the pizza with toppings.
  • Cheesy Nachos with Salsa.
  • Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate sauce and Chocolate drizzle.

11. The Pet Sanctuary

An initiative of Into the Wild, to live in a world where humans and animals can safely co-exist, and work towards making this a reality teaching the ‘correct thinking’ about animals and the natural world so we can affect our collective behavior

  • Meet, observe, interact, feed, clean animals under expert guidance.
  • Watch and learn the process of making bio-gas & its utilities.
  • Learn about different pets, ways to take care of them.
  • Understand the basics of human-animal relationship and how to interact with different kind of pet animals.
  • Basics of gardening and take hands-on sessions of gardening.

12. Trash To Treasure

The largest recycling art studio for kids. Learn how to create sustainable products from junk. The journey from trash to treasure makes the child reflect on our eco system and how we can do our part to create sustainable living.

  • Mosaic, Terrarium, Tie and dye, Lamp making.
  • Mask making, Coffee painting.
  • Contemporary art.
  • Aboriginal, Wood cutting, Contemporary stool making.
  • Baskets from amazon boxes.
  • 3-d animal Making Construction.
  • Jewelry making.
  • Decoupage, Stroke painting.
  • Masai art, Madhubani, Mura.

13. Physics Is Fun

Consists of activities which helps students to learn the fundamentals of Physics through hands-on activities. The activities are included to create a better understanding of the basic principles of physics

  • Basics of Electricity.
  • Electricity from Flowing Water.
  • Hello Magnets.
  • Fun with Electro- Magnetism.
  • Wonders in Physics.
  • Fun with Sound.
  • Newtonian Physics.
  • Air Activity.
  • The Science of Balancing.
  • Motorized Mar’s Orbiter Mission.
  • Revolving Apple.
  • U Tube Manometer.
  • Easy Optics – Optics Lab.
  • Wireless Power Transfer.
  • How electromagnetic induction works and it’s uses.
  • EUREKA – Archimedes Principle.

14. Chemistry in Everyday Life

This program consists of experiments and demonstrations of chemicals we use in our daily life. Acid, bases & salts, Types of reactions of metals & non-metals.

  • Introduction to Coding and Algorithm Introduce students to basics of Computer.
  • Electricity from Lemon Salt Water Battery.
  • Electrolysis Demonstration Kit.
  • Acid, Bases and Salts.
  • Types of Reactions-Metal & Non- Metals.
  • Molecular Structure.

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