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Day Outing Program


01. Arcadian Experience

Experience the life in a typical village in Karnataka in all its rustic charm & natural splendour. A kaleidoscope of Karnataka’s vibrant culture, rich diversity and are envisioned as a perennial, year-round festival.

  • Village games- Aale mane, Beeso Kallu
  • Kai magga, Chennapatna toys
  • Pottery, Bamboo Art
  • Folk Dance and Music
  • Rain dance & artificial waterfalls
  • Adventure sports
  • Cultural Shows – Puja Kunita, Veergaase
  • Chamundeshwari Utsav
  • Tractor Ride
  • Agriculture & Farming

Popular NamesMadhuvana Resort, Grameen Camp, Our Native Village Etc.

Going back to the basics. An authentic immersive experience in midst of nature. It is a cultural education. Enjoyment of the rustic charm.

02. Farm Experience

Be a farmer for a day. Get close to earth. A serene and green space. Discover how farming is important in a communities development.

  • Agriculture
  • Animal husbandry
  • Learn about the cattle and other livestock
  • Animal grooming
  • Animal feeding
  • Planting and growing food
  • Harvesting food
  • Huge landscaped areas
  • Fruit orchard
  • Vegetable bed

Popular NamesBig Barn, Enchanting Acres, M G Active Farm, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Farm Etc.

Understand the importance of agriculture. Teaches where the food comes from. Teaches care for animals. Greater awareness of weather and nature.

03. Resort Experience

Resorts are for vacation, relaxation or as a daytime getaway. Numerous activities are usually presented at resorts, as well as massages, meals, live entertainment and cosmetic treatments depending on the type of audience the resort caters to.

  • Diverse experience
  • Recreation
  • Vacation or holiday
  • Spa treatments
  • Sometimes entertainment, sports, relaxation and shopping are also available
  • Picturesque landscape
  • Sometimes adventure activities are also available

Popular NamesGuhantara Resort, Woods Resort, Shilhaandara Resort, Kanva Resort, Kaadgal Resort, Solace Resort, Elim Resort, Aadya Resort, Ankit Vista, G K Hill, Golden Palms, Hill View Resort, Valley Vibes Etc.

Resort experience is synonymous to a retreat experience where one is removed from the daily life’s hustle bustle.

04. Zip Line

Zip across the air along the zipline Just like a falcon darting across the sky. Feel the wind in your hair, look down at the world and enjoy the view, rather, the bird’s eye view.

The aerial view of the earth is the most beautiful, as you would have seen from an airplane. But on zipline, you feel like a bird, with no walls to constrain you and restrict your views. Enjoy the stunning panorama – and not through a window!

05. Rock Climbing

Got the nerve for the height? And a spirit for adventure? Well here’s the opportunity to test it.

Rock climbing is not as easy as it looks from the ground. When you begin climbing you will realize how tough it is to climb the rocks. But that’s just half of the story. Climbing down is tougher. But the satisfaction of completing the feat and the reward of an amazing view from the top is well worth the climb. So, time to slip on your climbing shoes.

06. Magnetic Freefall

Ever thrown something out of a window and watched it fall through the air? Ever wondered what it feels like to give in to gravity? Well here’s your chance. Experience the heart -in -the-mouth feeling of falling freely from a height. Don’t worry; your safety is in our hands. Our safety systems are state-of-the-art.

You just give in and enjoy the fall, as you and the earth race up to meet each other! By the way, you are allowed to scream & screech all you want.

Popular ResortsCampfire Circle, Hidden Campsite, Avaniya Adventures, Q Mango Forest, Wild Valley, Amegundi, Bannerghatta nature camp, RDS Resort Etc.

07. Rope Course

Ropes courses are outdoor activities that challenge the players physically and mentally. The activities offer the participants both physical and mental exercise, thus improving their overall agility.

The courses use sophisticated systems ensuring safety of the participants. The group initiatives involve cooperative games, which help in breaking the ice amidst team members and strengthening their mutual trust, augmenting interpersonal relationship and improving team work and coordination.

08. Junior Design Masterclass

  • Tear down Adventure! – This session helps to know the product inside out through the tear- down of handpicked products
  • Upscale! – This workshop aims to transform a productive product into a creative by-product
  • Sketching! – This workshop will teach the fundamentals of design sketching
  • Out of the Box! – This workshop aims to impart skills and techniques that will help to stay creative
  • Origami! – Use paper to employ techniques to create intricate works of art and fully functional products
  • Recycle! – Explore household waste as an excellent opportunity to recycle to make creative and innovative products
  • Design Challenge! – Learn and implement the steps in designing a product to bring out a fully functional product

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