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A small island country is an economic giant. With more than 50% of its area covered by greenery and with over 50 major parks and 4 nature reserves – is an enchanting garden city. Singapore is known for its science scene and innovation. Turn every corner and you will find something innovative.

Sightseeing – Sir Stamford Raffles statue, Suntec City, The Fountain of Wealth, Chinatown, Chinese heritage centre, Merlion Park, All the Essentially Essential by Tan Wee Lit, 24 Hours in Singapore by Baet Yeok Kuan, Marina Bay Discover the magic of Spectra, Singapore Art Museum, Gardens By The Bay, ArtScience Museum™, Reddot Design Museum, National Design Centre, Esplanade, Marina Bay Theatre, Kinetic Rain by Art+Com.

Singapore’s R&D endeavours are aligned with industry demand, innovating and producing higher grade products and services.

01. Stem Education

  • University Visit
  • STEM workshop in the university
  • Visit to research centre – physicists, computer scientists and engineers to do basic research on quantum physics and to build devices based on quantum phenomena
  • NE Water Plant & City Gallery – education hub that promotes water sustainability in Singapore
  • Visit to Design Museum – Delight both senses and sensibilities, home to over 1,000 local products, projects and creations.

02. Science Camp

  • Be a Surgeon and test your skills at the Surgical Simulation Workshop
  • Experience Self driving Vehicles and understand the technology behind it
  • Visit Innovation Labs to witness the latest inventions
  • Learn and Experience Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Technologies
  • Visit ‘Google Singapore’ for a peek into the advances in technology and computing
  • Learn 3D Modelling Software and 3D Printing Techniques
  • Perform Genetic Modification of DNA (Genetic Engineering)
  • Science in action at Universal Studios Singapore
  • Attend Lectures by top Professors and Scientists
  • Experience University life and NUS Campus.

03. Biodiversity Tour

  • Guided tour of Singapore’s Biodiversity-understand different levels of interactions between living organisms and nature
  • Visit an museum exhibition where undergraduates and graduates are also trained in biodiversity science and research is conducted on Southeast Asian plants
  • Indoor Workshop on Singapore’s Biodiversity
  • Nature walk to explore Singapore’s Biodiversity.

04. Where art meets Science meets Tech

  • Shifting the focus from STEM to STEAM based learning
  • Experience how line between science and art relies entirely on the implementation of the tool
  • At the Art Museum-Experience the living, breathing the world of contemporary art
  • Workshop on AR/VR
  • Exploration of art works in Singapore – experience the convergence of art and science
  • Visit to various design and art museums.

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