FuelLife Explorers

About Us

Fuelife Explorers is an Educational Transformation Partner enabling Experiential Learning across all facets of a student’s journey. It includes Travel & Fun in which it is backed by years of experience that its parent company – Amazing Holidays has. A team of travel experts designing experiential learning programs with leisure & Trained Program Managers enabling learning beyond the walls.

Fuelife realized the need to have experiential learning programs for students outside their curriculum along with travel to

  • Bring in real life programs to explore, learn, ignite thinking and resolve any challenges
  • Identify theĀ  passion and unleash the full potential to perform
  • Holistic development to be successful and happy living

Learning beyond the wall is more fun

Learning never ends and learning with fun, experience and reality makes memorable lessons that support life and happy living!

Fuelife Programs encompasses a varied field of topics that cover Creativity, nature & Environment, Life Skills, Health & Well Being, Science & Technology and Culture. Our programs are primarily designed for students of all age groups; we also do teachers and parental programs as they play an important role in every ones life.

As an extended arm, Fuelife provides services on Global Education, Wellness & Growth programs.


Our Mission

Unlock the full potential of a person to lead the life they want to, handle all challenges with ease and experience every moment

Our Vision

Walk with every young mind to help self discover and learning beyond walls